About Chumba

Chumba Poxwally here. I worry too much, and think too much, and always seem to need something for my brain to fret about. You would think my day job solving real-world business problems for clients all over the United States would give me enough to think about, but apparently not. I still have enough energy left for dreaming up erotic romance stories.

I like to write the kind of stories I can so seldom find: rich stories, with fast moving plots and believable characters. Story characters who have their own quirks, issues and preferences. Stories that also include the kind of hot, explicit sex that gets the blood boiling. So, I write real stories with romantic story lines, hot sex and happy endings. I guess that makes me an erotic romance writer.

Since people so often ask, the name Chumba was given to me by mother as a reminder of the style of dance she saw when she met my father on Saint Vincent Island in the Caribbean. (My father claims I’m named after a village in Nepal, but I suspect he is just being contrary.) Poxwally is an old Irish name and may be derived from Poxon or son-of-Margaret. Pog is an archaic version of Peg, and short for Margaret.

Currently, I am working on short stories to improve my scene writing skills. My imagination is also fired up about a series of three wet-and-wild romance novels set in a near future where sex is truly safe and available to all, for a price! But I want to improve my writing skills before starting a multi-story-line book series like that!

I am happily married to a retired super-model and live in the best part of Florida–the Panhandle!


Since I have a day job working with hard-headed results-oriented business leaders, don’t be surprised if parts of this profile have been, well, enhanced. I’m still me, and that comes through clearly in everything I write.